The Age-Gap Triplicate


My kids (11-girl, 10-girl, 3-boy) were driving me crazy with all the squabbling. Especially as the 3 year old gets older. All 3 kids are on the ticket system. I’ve read a lot of the q & a on here about parents staying out of it. I was finding we were getting involved a lot playing referee. And lots of micromanaging. So we have both stepped back and told them they have to work it out and not disturb the family peace. But what should we do if we see one of the older girls being mean to the 3yo? Usually he just wants to play. Stay out of it? Just punish the older one? But that’s getting involved. Or if it’s just the 3yo being, well, 3. I see how this works with the older kids, but need help with age gap.

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