"A child who can't take "no" for an answer always has parents who can't say it and mean it. "

The Headless Choresmen


Having completed "Parenting by the Book" , I sadly realize I have done my children no favors by doing so much for them. They are now 7 and 11 and need to be reminded to do every little thing. We have a chore chart on the fridge we developed a few years ago but still need to direct them to read it and follow. We are struggling to find the best way to help our kids at this point become more responsible. Especially our 11 year old son who would forget his head if it were not attached (or so the saying goes). My current efforts are to (try to) say nothing and let natural consequences follow (forget their lunch= hungry). Our current approach on the chore chart is they need to have completed all their chores the prior day to get any electronics time the next day. Should rewards be completely removed from learning responsibility? (ie electronics time stands alone?) Should there be other consequences from us or are "natural" consequences enough?

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