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A Six Year old's School Struggles


Our 6 yo girl went to school this year and she faced three problems there:
First, she doesn’t recognize teachers’ authority (although she has due respect to us parents). This problem is further complicated by the fact that her English teacher is utterly discipline-shy, so our girl may totally disrupt the lesson by walking across the class, nudging her classmates, mocking the teacher (!) etc.
Second, she is underachiever.
Third, she doesn’t get along with other kids.

We’ve addressed the first problem by applying tickets system and grounding her until she stops disrupting her English classes.

The second has been addressed by hiring a personal tutor for her.

The third one is the most puzzling for us. First three years of our sweet girl’s life had been tough for her, and we quite understand that she might have missed something important in her formative years before the adoption. This we just suppose but what we know for sure is that she’s fighting with her classmates; spits at them, breaks their pencils, takes their food etc.

It seems that she’s emotionally and intellectually unprepared for school, so most likely we will take her out of it.

Even with this decision being considered, we’re still on the crossroads: whether to limit her education this year to personal lessons with the tutor or to give her an opportunity to communicate with other kids in kindergarten/preschool. Perhaps the need to get along with the peers is too big a stress for her?

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