Mom of twin girls isn't having fun being a Mom.


Hi team Rosemond,

I need a pep talk. My twins are 4 years old in December, both girls. They have been raised Rosemond style from the start and are good kids. However, for whatever reason, I have started feeling like I'm losing control. Firstly, I find I don't want to participate in playing with them. I don't feel like going to the park or playing make-believe, and I discipline constantly. I know it is necessary and the right thing, but I am not enjoying my kids really. I am impatient quickly and find myself going later and later to pick them up from daycare (I work 32 hours a week).

Also, we did not let them watch TV until they were 3. Now we watch family movies on the weekends and it has a dual effect. Firstly, they actually sit still. I can get things done and it 'babysits' them, or I can cuddle with them. I love this in both respects. Secondly, they now want to do nothing ever except watch a movie. They ask for it and I tell them no and they must not talk about movies. So they ask 'what can we' do over and over again trying to get me to capitulate. It's exhausting. It's also worse on vacations or when grandparents are around.

How can I regain my confidence and control of my sweet little girls who are now movie mongrels!!??

Thanks for your help

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