2 year old's Preschool teacher demands he wear pullups


After reading Toilet Training without Tantrums by Rosemond, we went straight to underwear with our 2.5 year old. He has transitioned to another class at daycare, and the teacher feels he isn't ready for underwear all the time since he has many accidents. After the 3rd accident at daycare, he goes into pullups. I have no choice, unless I am to quit my job, but to follow their guidelines. She said he isn't ready for underwear only yet, but to trust her and by the end of the school year, he will move up to the 3 year old class and be potty trained. I feel as though I've failed with taking off work to try and get him potty trained a few weeks ago, because pull ups are the same thing as diapers. My son has also started not wanting to sit on the potty at home, maybe so many changes with the new class is a contributer. He will sit for maybe 2 seconds and just pee a little, and wants to get up quickly. I can't force him to sit on the potty..right? My husband tells me to quit reading so many books because we change our approach so much, at least with discipline we do. After reading Rosemond's book I decided spanking was not an option. Now, my husband and I are not agreeing on correct discipline, because time out doesn't work and Rosemond says to not spank..i was spanked when I was little. Potty issues and discipline are the cause of a lot of discussions in our home. It's hard but I want to do what is right in Christ's eyes with our son. Please give some advice :-) God Bless,

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