Block System Dilemma


Our boys do not stay in their rooms when they are told to and repeatedly come out until they work their way to an early bedtime and then continue coming out often times loud and disruptive until designated bedtime. We would ignore this show yet our 3 year old is watching and learning from their disobedience and disrespect.
How can we make them stay in their rooms?

They are 10 & 12. There rooms are simple with a few books, paper, pencils and a radio. When they are told to go their we set a timer for 15 minutes and if they do not come out and are calm they may come out when the timer goes off unless they have earned an early bedtime. However they often come out before the time is up trying to argue.
We are using daily charts with 4 “free” blocks and 6 privilege bedtime being the last block.. (Total of 10) With no yelling, no fighting (with brothers ) and not doing what they were told.
Thank you.

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