3.5 year old boy hitting his mother


Hi there, thank you for your response on my previous question re: out of control 3.5 year old boy. We have now started to move him OUT of the centre of the family but it's not been easy. We started the ticket system with him for not doing what he's told to do.

But then we have another problem - TANTRUMS! when he does not get what he wants is he starts whining or kicking and builds himself to a tantrum - which explodes like a volcano as soon as I tell him he needs to be in the laundry. So, then he hits me. This hitting mum thing is a regular thing. He's been hitting me ever since he turned 2. And it usually happens when he's told to go to the laundry to finish his fits. Once he's I've managed to drag or carry him in to the laundry, I lock the door as he wont stay in. At once, the banging and hitting the door begins - which drives my husband mental (and then the boy gets a smack for it). I don't disagree as he's bruised his feet a few times from kicking the door so hard.

More importantly, there's hitting! We usually send him to his room for the rest of the day if he hits a parent. He now seems to be amping up and starting to hit me whenever he's not happy with my tone, or what I'm telling him to do i.e. go to the laundry to scream.

I actually put him out in the garden after he hit me for a second time today, where he screamed his head off whilst I cringed thinking that I was going to get arrested for child abuse. Then I send him to the laundry to finish off his screaming - he finishes, then crawls in the laundry basket and sleeps there!

What do I do to get this child under control?? Do I take tickets for tantrums, or...? Do a chart? Need some guidance to move his boy to a more civilised place. I really, really feel strongly negative about boys hitting their mothers too.

Please help.

We're dealing with it the best way we can, and authoritatively too. But do you have any other suggestions re: hitting, tantrums, defiance?

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