AP Classes and Motivation


Hi! My son started high school a couple of weeks ago. He was placed in an advanced program where they start taking some AP classes in 9th grade. He has been against the program since we went to an info session last spring and they told us how challenging it would be. We pushed him to do the program hoping he would rise to the occasion. Well he is already complaining the third week of school saying the classes are way too hard and he wants to change into easier classes. He is just not motivated and I do not think removing his priveledges will motivate him. How do I know if I pushed him too hard and the classes are really too hard? I keep telling him that if I saw him doing 2 hours of hw a night and was still struggling then it would be a different story but he is barely trying. A teacher even emailed me today telling me he is showing very little effort with homework and tests. He has convinced himself that he does not need to work hard in high school since he plans to join the military. I told him the military looks at grades too. Please help!

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