Teens and their brains


Hi: As a teacher, parent, and social scientist I am always trying to review the most recent information on adolescent behavior/management so I can be better at these roles.
I recently stumbled upon some rather provocative youth research (even though the study cohort is small) that challenges traditional parenting methods when the adolescent brain change dramatically about 18 months prior to puberty (ages 9 - 11). Their research suggests that traditional methods are not keeping up with the times, new cultural influences, and changes in the adolescent brain.) This particular research suggests that a continuation of traditional parenting methods used with kids at a younger age during and after period of brain change can lead to alienation from parents and even bigger issues as the brain changes and children age.

In reading Mr. Rosemond's books and columns over the years (he is my go to guy),I have not noted much if any adjustment based on new brain research, acceleration of puberty age, and other cultural factors. Have I missed something? What is the disconnect here? ( If I am being too cryptic, check out "Youth Transition Network." I am not the least bit interested in your critic of the organization, only this theme.
David Tichnell
Albuquerque, NM

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