4 yo old disruptive in day care


I have a son who is 4 years old and extremely strong willed. He is exhibiting behavior at daycare that we do not want to see continue like not keeping hands and feet to oneself, listening to directions, and not talking back to the teacher. We just finished reading the book The Well Behaved Child and we have just started the chart system with him last Saturday. Over the weekend he only lost 2 squares, however these first 4 days at daycare have been kind of rough with him losing all his check marks Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from his daycare teachers. It was so bad, I had to leave work on Thursday over the lunch hour to take him home for the rest of the day so he could spend the rest of the day and night in his room. My wife and I both work and we can not just leave work to come and get our son. Any thoughts on how we can work together with our daycare so we do not have to leave work early?

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