Help for HIgh Self-esteem Seizures


Six-year-old daughter has been kicked out of the garden twice for nighttime issues: screaming, throwing things, manipulating us to try to sleep with her or give her x,y,z. She was “kicked out” at 4 and then again at age 5. She’s recently started the nighttime crazies again and doesn’t seem to care about any consequences for “just needing mom” and screaming at me and/or my husband all night. It’s hard for us to stay calm during these irrational fits. When called out on the ridiculousness of the fits, sometimes she instantly snaps out of it and starts giggling/talking about something else completely. It’s starting to freak my husband out. I believe it’s spiritual, as my hubby and I recently had both our marriage and faith renewed after a hard three years (married 9yrs). Her nighttime issues used to cause quarreling between us and I think satan is trying to use this to try to put a wedge between us again. We’re praying with/for her, sometimes for hours, during these fits. Help!

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