How much to expect from toddlers


How do I know where to draw the line between what to expect for proper behavior and what is too advanced for the kids (girl 2.5 and boy 1.5) to learn? My husband and I have high standards of what we want our children to learn (respectful, obedient, kind, etc.) and we are trying to teach them to do that all right now. But sometimes I wonder if we are expecting too much from them. They are intelligent so I know they are able to understand a lot but I also know that at this age they can’t understand everything yet. How do I know how much to expect and where to have mercy and grace? I don’t want to let them get by with everything but I also don’t want to be constantly disciplining. We are in the middle of the “terrible twos” with both of them so learning to obey right away, not bully each other, share, be respectful to Mama, etc. can be a big battle sometimes. Some weeks we do pretty well and other weeks are rough.

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