I have 3 boys (10, 10 and 8). I regretfully admit that I have fostered a victim mentality in my 8 year old to the point where he now plays victim outside of the house. When he is playing sports and gets bumped, he will fall down and make a spectacle of himself crying and screaming. When someone gets the ball from him or pulls his flag, he will often cry and complain that the other kids were 'so rude'. At home, he is focused on blaming one of his older brothers for all his woes. He tattles on him, yells at him if he tries to engage in the same horseplay with him as his other brother or father, and has complained that this brother is awful to him and I wouldn't understand. The 2 older boys seldom have issues when the youngest is removed so I was trying to figure out how to implement the weekly chart system for the youngest while not making the 'poor me' syndrome any worse. Any advice would be appreciated.

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