An Inconvenient Phobia


Our oldest daughter just turned six. She’s always had a hard time at the doctor & dentist. At almost 3, she was put under to put caps on her front teeth, and when one of them developed an abscess when she was 4, they pulled one of her front teeth. She’s also extremely shy and for the first time opened her birthday gifts in front of our guests (only family); in previous years she would hide and cry.
This week I had to take her to the dentist due to an accident; they wanted to take an x-ray and just look at her tooth. Her heart rate went up instantly and she wouldn’t do the x-ray. They said, “Okay, no worries.” (I was not too thrilled about that.) Then the dentist came in and it took THREE of us adults to hold her down and get her mouth open for the dentist to just look at her tooth. She was screaming and writhing, trying to escape. A year ago she fought so much she tried to choke him. She’s a bit better now but obviously not where she needs to be. What should I do?

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