3/4 yr old hitting/scratching


My (just turned) 4 year old has been hitting and scratching for a while now. It first began when she was at a day care that we think she may have had some physical/verbal abuse, but we're not sure since the daycare wouldn't let us see video footage. We took her out of that daycare January of 2023, and placed her in another one in which she improved greatly and had very loving teachers. When she first started there, she hit/scratched, but the teachers worked with her and after a couple of weeks, she adjusted. Now she has started a new PreK (since she just turned 4 (she's been at the school 3 weeks), and she is hitting/scratching again. The teacher is being patient and working with her (this is a private Christian school), but now I'm having problems at home also. When I told her the other night that she would lose her toy if she didn't get ready for bed, (then she lost it), she then hit and scratched me. I then put her to bed without her light and she cried/screamed. Any advice please

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