How Much is Too Much?


My son is turning 13 years old this month. I'm seeking advice on how to limit/guide his screen time. Since he was 3 years old, after watching a NOVA episode, he has been enthusiastic about becoming a rocket scientist. Much to our surprise, he hasn't veered much from this plan except to narrow it down to software engineer for rocket components.

He loves to code and build in Minecraft. He doesn't just play games, he researches and learns everything he can about the subject. In addition to library books, lots of that research now come from the internet and YouTube. His dad isn't very concerned about the amount of time he spends on screens b/c he's mostly being "productive," but I think there needs to be a limit. Should we only worry about limits for entertainment or treat it all as screen time with a blanket limit? Also, what amount of screen time is recommended?

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