Nighttime Woes Wearing Mom Down


How can I best use tickets or charts for my daughter (just turned 7) when she's having the majority of her behavior issues at bedtime? She's pretty good throughout the day though there are behaviors that can be improved, but the biggest struggle is at bedtime with not listening, delaying, and talking after going to bed. I wasn't sure if a weekly chart approach might be best instead of daily tickets/charts, but in the book it says to graduate to a weekly chart after weaning down the number of blocks on a daily chart. If I do a daily approach with five tickets, she'd likely only use up 2-3 tickets prior to bedtime, and burn the rest at bedtime, when there is no time left to go to her room or go to bed early.
My target misbehaviors will be: not doing what you're told when you're told to do it, arguing/negotiating when given an answer or told to do something, and pretending to hit.

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