2nd Grader Needs to Change His Ways


Hi there, I have an 8-year old 2nd grader and his teacher has called us twice about his behaviour in school. He fidgets and moves, sometimes talks and jokes with friends whilst the teacher is talking, ‘horses’ around and can be quite hyper, moves away from his work instead of completing it. Needs many reminders. I just discovered a stack of incomplete worksheets from the year he had brought back and we are getting him to complete it during his free time. We have also sent him to his room immediately for the rest of the day if there are any delays to instruction, arguments and backtalk. I have noticed a definitely improvement to his attitude at home. For school, the teacher has 5 target behaviours ‘listening to teacher’, ‘doing work properly’, ‘moving away from distractions’, ‘being quiet’, ‘remaining seated’. There are too many targets and I can’t even remember them all. How should we support the teacher here and simplify it and discipline him at home for his school misbehaviour?

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