Three-Year-Old's Sleep Patterns Changing


I believe my 3.5 year old is not getting enough sleep. He has toys in his room that he plays with during quiet time. He almost never naps anymore, but enjoys quiet time. Only recently has he gotten out of bed to mess around with things. Previously, he would play around in his bed a bit if he had taken a nap, but on non-nap days he was out like a light. The past several nights he has been messing around with his fire station after he has gone to bed. When I have gently told him he needs to go to sleep, he burst into tears….then there’s a barrage of nonsensical statements. I can’t tell if he’s sleepwalking or scared or just can’t sleep because he’s overtired. He has also been having nightmares, about twice a week. They always occur at 10 pm and 2am. He also now wakes up earlier to pee. How can I get him to get more sleep so that he isn’t overtired the next day?

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