.Our 16-year daughter is the last of three children. Our son is 29 and resides in South Africa with his wife. Our daughter, 20, has returned from college this summer. My husband believes in paying for her way until she graduates from college. In exchange she is expected to do one hour of work outside and one hour of work inside the home each week. Our 16 was also given a cell phone and it became a horrific tool of wickedness. She has done time in two psych ward, juvenile detention, and a boarding school. She is now home.
I want to establish a healthy home covenant.
I have been raw vegan for 22 years. Lin was breastfed for 3 years and then ate a clean diet until she was about 11. Since that time, she has eaten junk and I do believe her brain is inflamed which has resulted in the despairingly poor behaviors. The juices I believe are her best medicine. Do I have a right to enforce her drinking them each day and eating healthily? She no longer has a cell phone

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