7-Year-Old's Annoying Antics


My daughter (almost 7) is becoming unbearable. She constantly makes an annoying voice and noises JUST with me (but will control it after spending a lot of time in her room and having privileges revoked) and she also makes the noise in response to being punished for other behaviors. I keep putting her in her room and sending her to bed after dinner. It helps but then she regresses quickly. Even if I don't react to her outbursts other than sending her to her room, she clearly does them to annoy me.
We can't get through a bath (or many other things) without her being disrespectful and rude, and I can't pull her out of the tub and send her to her room because she needs a bath! I'll tell her I'm walking away because she's not listening, and as soon as I do of course she's "listening".
I'm a single mom and the father is uninvolved, so I'm the sole parent. She's spending all of her time outside of school in her room because she acts up when she gets home. What can I do differently?

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