Hi there! We deal with a very ungrateful, dramatic 7 year old. Whenever we do something special - play with friends, ice cream, park play, or maybe a combination of the three, and we’re coming home, it’s met with complaining and grumbling, despite having the best time.

“I didn’t get to XYZ while I was there!! This is so lame! You said we would!!!”—often if the “you said we would” part is tacked on, it’s a plan that might change because we did something else equally as enjoyable. Even if we do everything according to the plan, she still whines and turns into Veruca Salt. Boy, it puts a wet towel on a good day for all who are stuck in the car listening to it. I’m also afraid her siblings might catch Complainitus.

How do we best deal with this ungratefulness? It’s constant, like she’s been hard done by in life, and she should’ve been born into royalty. We do tickets (not on this specifically), she has chores, she’s well loved, and we read The Well Behaved Child a lot! Thank you!

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