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Do you handle children with high-functioning autism differently than siblings who are also on The Program (daily/weekly charts)? We find we are having to "overlook" certain behaviors that would normally rate an "X." If pushed too hard, the 2 Autistic children sometimes exhibit symptoms such as migraines and cyclic vomiting. 5 children ages 12 to 1 all home schooled, stay-at-home mom, engineer dad works from home; no extended family in town. Oldest 2 children (ages 12 & 10) have high-functioning Autism and seem to be setting a bad example for younger ones. No medication and no on-going therapy (other than checking in once every 6 months for 15 minutes with diagnosing Neurologist). Want children to control behaviors and be accountable. Totally agree with John's books, okay to talk with him if the answer is a complex and situation-dependent one. Frustrated, tired, and very discouraged.

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