Pertaining to Private Parts and the Six-Year Old


My six year old son and next door neighbor (also six year old boy) are great playmates. Recently, they and their dads were outside playing. The dads were talking about the landscaping and noticed the boys were quiet. Dads walked around to the back of the house (the boys were there probably a max of 2 minutes alone) and the boys were showing each other their penises. We of course were horrified and immediately took our son inside and talked to him about how that is inappropriate, we don’t show friends our private parts. (He insisted there was no touching when I asked, and he also told me it was the friends idea. But I’m not sure if I biased him into thinking that was the response I wanted.).

This is the first incident like this we’ve encountered. He is our oldest. Other than talking to him about how that’s wrong, how do we handle this?? He loves playing with this little boy and until now, it has seemed great. Do we cut off playing with this boy? His parents are also aware of the situation.

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