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My nephew has confided in my son (11yr old- cousin), that he is Bisexual. His parents have recently divorced- March will be 2 years (mother left) and my brother is a single parent of 4 children. He's a Christian but not parenting as one. He's very smart Intelligence-wise, but very UNwise in most parenting decisions as he is just managing them all by himself now. He just gave all 4 kids - aged 5, 7, 9 and 12 - brand new iPhones - and I highly doubt there is a parental lock on them at all. ANYWAY - my nephew put his hair up in a rainbow bow of his sister's and thought it would be fun to introduce me to "SALLY" and he talked to me in a very girly (gay) sounding voice - excuse the stereotyping here - and said "Hey, KayKay I'm Sally and just love your hair" I acknowledged him as saying you're a boy - not "Sally". My son's response was "you know that's against everything we believe" and he said he didn't care that he could live anyway he wanted to - and then my son asked him if he had any "support"? He answered that everyone else in our family knew about it and approved but my brother (his dad)
HELP! Just wondering If I should have a conversation with him myself? Or just tell my brother what was said and walk away? I feel like this is a cry for help and a critical time of intervention. He's almost 13 - I just need some advise as to how I should handle this knowledge. My gut is to ask my nephew about the conversation and to explain what he means by "Bi-sexual" and then go from there and tell my brother, but it's a weird and fine line to walk to not push him away and make him feel unaccepted or unloved. Thanks for any help!!

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