Eight-year old Eccentricities


My 8 year old daughter periodically does strange and destructive things (for example she has chewed on her dresser, etched her initials into her bathroom faucet, drew on the wall). I’ve always chalked it up to boredom or curiosity and disciplined as it happened. We just found out she has been pooping in the shower. She said it was because she had to go badly and didn’t want to get out wet and go to the toilet. She has no bowel or medical issues, and she owned up to it when confronted. She is otherwise pleasant and non-defiant. She’s been diagnosed with anxiety and ADHD, but we do not medicate and she does not have behavior problems at school. It almost seems like she doesn’t think through things like this and why she shouldn’t do them. I have no idea how to address this or discipline her for this other than to make her clean the bathtub herself. Please help!

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