Tween Not Playing By the Rules


I have sent in a request for a coach, as you can see I have been having a difficult time with my 13 year old. I just experienced a tantrum again, it’s nightly for about a week now, how he is still trying to be in control. He refuses to do anything we ask until he gets his phone back. I told him he has to earn it back and there were things he needed to do daily. He has yet to get in one good day, for every bad day the two weeks turns back. It’s still two weeks today. He says he hates me and threw a fit and ripped my bedding apart. I finally was able to chuckle and tell him I love him and let him carry on. I pray this is the right thing to do. I desperately need to talk to someone to help me gain confidence. I’m happy I did not get lost in an emotional battle and I did not give in.

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