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Building on my last two questions, I have run into another issue regarding attention-seeking behavior from my three year old. My husband and I have created an environment that is parent-centered; I routinely engage in my household tasks without my son getting underfoot. He knows what behavior is not tolerated by this point i.e attention seeking behavior. My question, though, is again regarding my parents (whom we live with). My parents have no problem stopping any activity they are currectly engaged in to answer questions, play a game, do xyz with my son. It has come to a point that if we are downstairs (we live upstairs, but the shared kitchen in downstairs), my son loses all ability to entertain himself if either of my parents is around. And they feed this desire constantly. I don't know if his overall behavior is being affected by this inconsistency; he whines for attention and throws the occassional fit with me, but I'm not sure if he would do that anyway as kind of a power struggle. I thought that if my parents don't mind the constant interruptions, then that's on them. But I don't want my son's behavior to get worse as a result. Thank you

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