My 4 year old Grandson told me last night...that his Moms friend gave him some sleepy medicine and gave the 2 yr old brother was in bed asleep at 7. He further informed me that it did not make him sleepy at all. I said good, because His cousin wanted to come play with you. After he was out of the house, I told my daughter what he had said... I could tell from her reaction it was not something she wanted him to tell...and the spin begun. It sounded sorta like this.....well, they boys were just wild. They had torn up something in the house, wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t go to bed. Her friend suggested some Benadryl to calm them down and get them to go to sleep....worked for the younger, but not for the 4yr old. She even said that she “asked” the 4 year old if he wanted to try it and he said yes! SMH I guess the look on my face said enough without me opening my mouth
Then the spin of don’t come in here judging me or giving me that look of yours.....I responded that I had not said a word, I was just surprised she would do that. I gathered my grandchild I am raising and we came home to get ready for bed. I am still in total shock. Medicate a sick child, sure! Sedate a normal child rather than discipline them? Heck NO! In my opinion this clearly crosses that line. What is a Grandparent to do? The Casie Anthony story will not leave my head! Advice!

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