Talking v. Action; Reacting v. Responding


We have discovered our 16-year daughter has experimented with alcohol twice that we know of, small amounts, and with no denial. She actually confessed to the 2 accounts when questioned about a night out with friends. She was punished & all sleepovers restricted & complied with a good attitude. Most recently, she told me she had alcohol at a party while away on a school trip, a few sips, claiming she did not get drunk. I've asked her to be honest & have made it clear we do not approve. How do we keep the lines of communication open with her without punitive action knowing she is a good kid. I want to punish her but also want her to feel comfortable telling me when she has participated. This is not a drinking & driving situation where she has been instructed to call us for a ride home, no questions asked. Is my encouragement for openness seen as permissive now? Again, she knows we are not ok with this & has been punished in the past. This last incident occurred only a few weeks ago. Needing advice as to where to go from here. Thank you!

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