Mommy Guilt Not Helping Anyone


I have a 5 month old daughter who likes to be held and cuddled all day long. I love the cuddles and I am trying to make the most of this stage as I know how quickly it goes, and I deeply regret not being available for my 6 year old son most of his life as I have had to study and work, putting my son in full time childcare for most of his life, so I do not want to make the same mistakes. However, I must admit some days do feel quite mundane and that I need stimulation. I also have jobs to do around the house, I am a single Mum and have a 6 year old son who I am trying to learn to parent as I was never there for him, whilst overcome the trauma of childhood neglect. It is very overwhelming.
I'm wondering how my days should look? How long should I spend holding the baby? How much quality time should I be spending with my son, who I would say is quite emotionally needy than most children I know due to my previous circumstances and absence.
I want to be a great mum to both and make up for my mistakes while maintaining my sanity!

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