Rebellious 25 monts old


My 25 month old daughter is potty trained now. I started when she was 23 month old, and 3 weeks ago until she got completely trained even at night. since yesterday she has been having pee accidents. she could not hold it for couple of times, so she peed in herself a bit and let me know to take her to finish it up in the potty. but today, she peed the whole pee in her pant and on the floor, after she emptied her bladder she let me know. She was doing great, she was very proud of herself and go to potty by herself without my help. what should I do? most of the times she will be playing and focused on her activity that she will be doing when she has those accidents. no poop accidents occurred so far, she is always good at telling me for poop time.
Another problem, is that she is being a rebellion, she tries her best to do everything that she is not supposed to do while watching me. for example, climbing on the kitchen drawers to reach out to the counter and grab what she wants. also she draws with markers every where, she knows that she is not suppose too, as she repeats what I say, only drawing on papers. I tried the special chair method, but it does not work now. so I think peeing in herself is part of her regressive behaviors. I am looking forward for an advise.
Thank u

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