14 YO Boy Looking For Friends


My son is 14 years old. He is having a lot of issues around relationships with friends/girlfriends. He seems to be struggling with feeling secure in his relationships. He needs a lot of reassurance from friends that they are loyal and that they will never be disloyal. It has caused a lot of problems recently and actually ended a few relationships. He is also making up stories to get friends attention. Saying he feels like his life is too "vanilla" and that he's "never even broken a bone" so he needed to tell stories to get attention. We are not sure how to handle this. He's an only child and has always had a lot of our time and attention, which may be part of the issue for him. We need help. He is becoming more and more aggressive in his attempts to get noticed. Says things to friends in texts like "I just wish I had power and people couldn't push me around", even though he doesn't seem to be being bullied or anything like that. We are not worried that he will hurt himself or others though. How can we help him. We have an appointment with a family counselor in about 3 weeks. We are very stressed by his lack of confidence and neediness.

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