16 YO Boy Loses Job, Lies, & Vapes


Our 16 you son was fired from his first job today at a pet grooming shop. We know the owner as we've been taking our pets there for over 9 years. The owner called us to explain that our son had lied about some of his job responsibilities and falsified some records indicating that he had completed some tasks when he had not actually done them. We are embarrassed and extremely disappointed. Son has lied to us about many things in the past and we have recently discovered that he has been vaping. The first time we didn't punish him but talked to him about the dangers of vaping and explained that we have a family history of addictions. The second time we took away xbox and his driving privileges for a month. What do we do to stop his lying? We are scheduled to take a family trip next week (which he is excited about), but are contemplating just having one parent go with his siblings and have him stay home with the other parent.

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