Nothing major.


My son is in 7th grade. He is at a new school. He has gotten into a little trouble here and there. Talking in class, nothing major. He recently said a boy in PE hit him with a ball and he hit him back, they kept doing it and both got in trouble. I was told he had been throwing balls at older students in PE. He says they pushed him and talk badly to him so he hits them with the ball. He seems to get over stimulated in PE. When he has a friend over I have to watch him because he tries to wrestle or horseplay to the point of being annoying to the other child. He was told he would be suspended if he threw another ball at someone in PE. We have taken things away, grounded him, prayed with him and talked with him about treating others with respect and not to retaliate when someone hits him with ball or pushes him. He says he does not want to just walk away it’s not fair to be pushed and cursed at and him not push back to defend himself. He makes excellent grades but we don’t know how to handle this immaturity and behavior. Hoping for some guidance.

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