5 year old loves/hates martial arts class


My 5.5 year old son gets really angry before going to his martial arts class, which he loves. In the past 2 weeks he has thrown huge fits, soaked his uniform in the sink (he had to go to class with it still wet), and took scissors to the hem of his only uniform shirt, which he also still has to wear. Once he gets to class, he loves it- running around smiling and giving me thumbs up the whole time. I should note that this is a fun and often silly class for preschoolers and not a contact sport. Two whole walls are windows for parents to observe, and nothing traumatic has happened.
He seems to have a problem with anxiety, which we have battled before, concerning similar behavior before going into Sunday school, which he finally overcame this year, after about 4 years of aggressive, anxious behavior every Sunday morning. How can we help him?

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