Parenting Adult Children, Follow Up


To follow up on my last question (Parenting Adult Children).
When my son admitted he started smoking cigarettes about 2 months ago and says he does not do it very often, my husband told him he cannot use our car as long as he is smoking. He says he will not smoke anymore. We pay his college, cell phone plan and when he wants to come home on weekends we pick him up and drive him back on Sunday. He uses our car occasionally but we pay most of the gas. He has money in the bank from working part time in the past and from gifts. At present he uses his money any way he pleases. Moving forward, what can we do so that we are not supporting his cigarette smoking if he does not stop? He will be home this summer and I expect him to work full time and contribute financially, what is reasonable?
Should we make him agree to a nicotine test too? We failed to give our son enough Vitamin N as Dr. Rosemond lectured on and he is now self centered. Hope it's not too late.

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