"The child who is disciplined as well as he or she is loved is a happy, healthy child. "

Grandparents now Parenting 8 YO with ADHD


We've very recently taken legal custody of our 8 yr old granddaughter and truthfully do not know what kinds of behaviors to expect of 8 year olds. Of concern is that she has extreme mood swings and throws horrific tantrums...manic behavior I would say...such as one might expect from a 2 year old but not an 8 year old. She was exposed to methamphetamine in utero. Is this behavior most likely a 'normal' behavior to be addressed with discipline or is it a possible result of the methamphetamine exposure and if so might it be advisable to get counseling for her? We simply do not know enough about this kind of behavior and how to address it. She is not currently in the care of any medical professional except that she is diagnosed as ADHD does take medication for it.

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