11 Year Old Disrespectful


My 11 year old son has a terrible temper and disrespects me and my husband (his step-dad). He calls others names when he gets mad and says hurtful things. His own dad is more permissive (and where he learned the name calling, etc.) and we have more than usual issues every year after he spends a long period of time with his dad during the summer. Saying "no" sends him into a fit. We have been giving him marks for this behavior - three marks and he spends 15 min in time-out, three more gets him 30 min, etc. and each day it starts over. Although this works moderately, it has not eliminated the problem. I have limited my husband in disciplining him; which I realize now is a mistake. I don't agree with his parenting style a lot of times but we need to figure something out that will work for both of us. My son is making our lives miserable.

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