Take Away Security Object?


We have started the ticket program for our 3 children. They are 3 1/2-year-old, boy-girl twins who sleep in the same room and a 7-year-old son.

When they "don't listen to mom and dad the first time" and lose 5 tickets, they go to bed early.

The kids all love to sleep with their "Habbies" also known as Lovies. They are little fabric animals with heads. When they are being punished as above, should we take away their habbies for the night? Keep in mind that for the last 3 years, these lovies have helped them fall asleep.

My gut is telling me to take them away for the evening and they give them back the next day (assuming they don't lose 5 tickets again). I am listening to them wailing right now because they want their habbies. As hard as it is, this is telling me that HATE the punishment which is very good.

Please let me know your advice and if we are doing the right thing.

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