Social Life of a 2 Year Old


Our 2.5 yo daughter is an only child but extremely mature, talkative and social. She loves other kids and is dying to go to school. We go to story time at the library, but other than that we don't believe in a billion activities for young children. We don't have any relatives with young children, and although we have tried play dates, they are inconsistent. She has an October birthday and therefore three years before kindergarten. Although I would love for her to be able to be around other children, I hesitate to send her to preschool for three years before kindergarten! This seems like too much. Daycares seem like a free for all, there is a Montessori school nearby but they want the kids to attend 5 days a week for 2.5 hrs a day. The other preschools are pretty structured, I'd rather let her play at this age. What are your thoughts on preschools at this age?

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