22 month old not eating and throwing tantrums


Two questions for you:
1) Our 22 month old daughter has become extremely picky at mealtime. As in, she will not eat anything that we put in front of her. We know that she snacks at daycare, but not enough that she should go to bed without any dinner, which she has been doing the past few nights. We know that she will not allow herself to go hungry, but any other ideas on how to convince her to eat at least something?
2) She is a VERY independent and strong toddler, and has started acting out and pitching more fits. We usually give her time out, but now she even fights us to stay in the time out corner. She is very strong for her age, and there is a lot of kicking and violent behavior. I am now pregnant, and am worried that she might kick me in the belly by accident. When she acts out in public, we "pretend" to ignore her and slowly walk away (trying to get her to follow us and stop pitching the fit, and not giving into her rage), but not sure of what else to do. We know that fits come with the territory for an almost two-year-old, but they are becoming more and more frequent, more and more physical, and we are all becoming frustrated.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

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