3 year old biting


What do you do if you are a nanny of a 3 year old who bites?

My friend has two kids of her own (3 yr old girl and 19 month old boy) and nannies for two additional kids (3 year old girl and 5 month old boy).

The 3 year old girl she nannies has started biting. She has bitten my friend (her caregiver) and my friend's daughter. It seems that she bites out of "excitement" and not aggression or frustration, but not really sure.

The direction the mom of the biter has given is to put in time out or take away a toy. I, personally, don't think that will do anything to correct this behavior.

Just seeking thoughts about ways my friend could "discipline" the child without "spanking" since that's not what you should do to other people's kids.

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