It took 8 years, but it was worth it!


Hello! We just wanted to share an update with you about our son. We've tried our best to stay the course and follow your advice with our son since he was about 8. He is now almost 17. It's been very tough - we've faced many criticisms, lots of peer pressure to change methods, and often doubted ourselves.
We're happy to report that for our son's sophomore year he is consistently getting A's, B's, and just a few C's (which cause HIM great distress). For the last several months he has actually had privileges! I'd love to say it's something we did, but it seems to center on the fact that he wants to drive. :) Long ago, we told him that children who don't turn in work, finish chores, and act respectfully will not drive in our home (or leave their room when he was younger). It took about 8 years, but he's functioning!
Thank you for often being the only encouragement we had to stay the course.

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