9 yo throwing fits, part 2


What would be your plan for a 9 year old girl who has become increasingly aggressive when upset about something (hitting, throwing things, name calling). Sometimes it is frustration from math being difficult for her or hating school. Other times she is upset with her parents over something. If "kicking" is something you would recommend we help. The only toys she has in her bedroom are a bunch of stuffed animals. She shares a bedroom with our 18 month old. We don't have a tv. No electronics for her. It is difficult for us to think of things to take away from her since she doesn't have that many toys that she is super attached to (except the stuffed animals). We could just take away all her toys. However, with the warm weather now she is playing outside a lot with friends. We have a room on the first floor of our house that is basically a small sitting room that we thought about sending her to for the rest of the day when the target behaviors occur. This would keep her from disturbing the 18 month old's nap/bedtimes. Is "kicking" what you would use for the above behaviors? Strikes or tickets don't seem right. We feel for the seriousness of the behaviors she shouldn't have a margin of error. If we can't think of things to take away from her so that she can earn them back, how else do we make "kicking" work? She will have a major blow up about 1 - 2 times a week. No behavior problems at school, only home. Thought about a thirty-block grid and taking away her stuffed animals until she went 30 straight days without aggressive behaviors. The stuffed animals may be the only toys that matter to her, but she doesn't really play with them she just sleeps with them. Ideas for a plan?

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