Road Trip & Potty Training


My daughter (2.5) is potty trained and we are working on potty training our son (19 months). We have a long road trip coming up in April when we have to travel from South Dakota to Indiana/Ohio/Pennsylvania to see family and to attend a wedding. We don’t want to have to stop for bathroom breaks every half hour or every time the kids get bored and say they have to go potty. We usually plan to stop every 2 hours for gas/food/bathroom break. My husband is concerned about the car seats getting soaked and stinking up the car. We had thought about diapers but I don’t want to lose the progress we have made. We only do diapers when they sleep. They are in normal underwear when they are awake. Our daughter might be able to go 2 hours if she doesn’t fall asleep but I don’t know about our son. He’s doing well but still has lots of accidents (only been potty training for 9 days) but might be doing better by April. How should I plan for this trip? What do you recommend?

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