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I have an 8 year old stepson in 2nd grade, he has equal time between both households. He has had behavioral issues in school on and off since preschool (hitting peers and teachers, destroying property, etc). Unfortunately, his mother constantly coddles his behavior, has excuses for his behavior and is never consistent with rules and boundaries. If he throws a fit or tantrum she gives in because she doesn’t want him feeling too bad about himself. She also tries to diagnose him with everything under the sun. He misbehaves in our house, but it is quickly stopped because he knows that is not accepted, rules and consequences are followed through here.
This year in school it has been awful, he is hitting teachers, kids and destroying property, always in the office. We want to do the ticket method or something, but how can we if we know his mother will never follow through on any consequence? One time when she did try to give a consequence and stick to it, he punched her in the face. Help

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