Terrible twos


My daughter (2 yr.) has suddenly started undressing when she is supposed to keep her clothes on. She will be in the middle of playing with her brother while I do house work or cook supper and she decides to strip everything off. Last night this happened. I turned around and there she was with nothing on. I disciplined her and told her she had to keep her clothes on. I had her pick up her clothes from various areas of the living room (where most of the playing happens) and helped her get dressed again. I went back to getting supper ready. Not long after that I peeked into the living room and she was once again naked. When I told her to put her clothes on she had a bad attitude and so was disciplined again. Then today during her nap time (she still hasn’t figured out staying dry when she sleeps) she took her diaper off even though we have dealt with this issue before. How can I train her to keep her clothes and/or diaper on?

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