Mom and 2yo girl in Great Transition


How do I transition my daughter (2 yr) to the next season? Right now we are in the first season, I think John calls it the season of servitude or something like that. But I know she has to take steps to eventually one day become a mature capable adult. I have her do small chores and she can take herself to the bathroom (although she still has some accidents and wears diapers when she sleeps) but I’m wondering if I’m missing a step. She is very mischievous and so gets into everything. Sometimes the “sin” is worth the consequence to her it seems. She loves books but has been very hard on them. I took all her book prevliges away (no touching books or looking at books for several days) but as soon as she gets them back she is hard on them again. I just start thinking we have conquered her throwing fits and having attitudes but then she starts doing them again after having stopped for several weeks. What should I do to convince her that the “sin” isn’t worth it and it’s better to be good?

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