Train Them Up


Our family doctor was shocked when I started potty training our daughter at 16 months old and she is mostly potty trained now (she’s a few months past 2). With my son (13 months old) the doctor strongly recommended me to wait until after he is 2 before even starting potty training. She said that boys take longer to learn things and so even though it worked for his sister to start early, she recommends waiting longer before teaching him. She also said since he was a preemie (born at 36 weeks 2 days) it may take a while for him to be ready to learn. Most of the women in my church believe in potty training between 2-3 years old so I can’t get much help there. I don’t want to wait too long and end up with bigger battles, but I also don’t want to start too early and just have lots of frustration. At what age should I plan to start potty training him? He doesn’t speak much English yet so at this point I would have to work more off of body language than words to know when he needs to go.

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